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Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Work Schedule: Regular / Full-Time / Day

Positions Available: 1

Reporting to: Engineering Manager


Waiward is a steel fabrication and construction service provider based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our vision at Waiward is to be the leading provider of these services known for its unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and working with the best clients on the best projects. Waiward serves businesses internationally, and works all over Western Canada.

At Waiward, it is our priority to get our employees home safely, every single day. We believe the best way to achieve an incident-free culture is to invest in each employee. Here, you won’t just have a job; you’ll have a career so you can grow with us. At Waiward…You Are Waiward, and Waiward Is You!

Job Purpose

The Engineer is responsible for carrying out the deisgn for multiple projects in a timely manner.


  • Displays a commitment to Waiward’s incident-free vision, values, and culture;


  • Actively look to share different calculation perspectives with members of the department;
  • Be competent in using SMath calculations as they are developed;
  • Be competent in using SMath snippets and calculation segments to develop calc's for new connections as appropriate;
  • Be competent in using Excel design tools;
  • Be competent in using connection design tables;
  • Be competent in the implementation of the calculation saving procedure - REF - P-EN-11

Customer Relationships

  • Actively engage with clients at the start of the project to establish a good working relationship and understand their needs and project constraints. Phone or in person meetings are preferred. This applies to internal groups as well, example, PM's and project execution teams;
  • Assist drafting in meeting agreed upon schedules;
  • Be flexible enough to juggle priorities and even standard ways that the work is done to achieve the above. This requires good working relationships internally and externally and very clear communication (verbal not email is preferred)

Internal Relationships

  • Actively look to share different work experience and perspectives with members of the department - mentorship, especially the more challenging "soft skill" parts of our job as well as ethical and motivational challenges;
  • Actively look to develop relationships in drafting, PM, shop, construction, etc;
  • Actively work with project execution teams - our job is focused on certifying designs BUT we play a key role in establishing improvements that can be made on a project or system level too. Question the "why" and seek to understand it

Training (Both receiving and giving)

  • Give technical and operational examples to share with department;
  • Actively manage PDP - Professional Development Plan - with Engineering manager;
  • Regularly go to shop and field as opportunities to present themselves, and encourage others to do so

Understanding of Overall Process at Waiward

  • Actively look to share improvement suggestions using the IMS system - challenge the process, discuss the "why" and never just shrug your shoulders and say "nothing can be done"

Drafting Leadership

  • Actively look to share technical and overall understandings with detailers (especially juniors) - always explain the "why";
  • Actively look to enhance your understanding of the overall process (and Tekla if opportunity presents itself) so that we can improve work processes;
  • Actively look to create engineering and drafting planning appropriate to both job start up (Drafting corp form/Eng. Proj. notes) and at the division level - communication with leads, review of different/new work, juggling schedules, balancing drafting requirements for work vs shop requirements

Project Planning and Procurement

  • Help develop both drafting and engineering planning on a project and divisional level - especially stressing importance of divisional coordination to the supervised engineer(s);
  • Actively look to assist in "up-front" engineering discussions with clients and balancing their requirements with Waiward's

Participate in IMS

  • Develop understanding that NCR's are not personal indictments and help lead others towards the same - especially those personnel feeling marginalized;
  • Read KPI report for department productivity and advise on recommendations for improved performance;
  • Actively participate in project close out meetings - we do not want to keep making the same mistakes


  • Actively look to improve individual, departmental, and even drafting performance;
  • Help digest productivity numbers within department (or drafting);
  • Lead Engineering execution when called on to do so - examples of some of the responsibilities for this are:
    • Work with the engineering manager to develop resource and technical plans to support the required schedule;
    • Work with the PM and drafting coordinator to execute the project successfully achieving our HSEQ vision, supporting the customer's schedule requirements and achieve financial success;
    • To achieve the above we must have the lead engineer willing to challenge the plan and advise on recommended deviations - explain the "why"

Construction and Shop Support

  • Construction - ensuring safety during field and construction operations: lift studies utilizing cranes, temporary bracing, erection procedures, fall protection, site visits to determine conditions on job sites, etc;
  • Provide engineering for fabrication procedures and methods, assist the shop with engineering and safety of heavy lifts, temporary lifting lugs and temporary braces, assist in the design of miscellaneous fabrication devices, such as lifting beams and jib cranes

Departmental Guiding Principles/Deliverables

  • Service - the goal of our relationships with our internal and external customers:
    • Understanding our internal customers' needs so that we can offer our engineering expertise and experience to improve the quality and efficiency of the Waiward product - steel that is safely fabricated and erected
    • Understanding our clients' project requirements through working with the engineering and/or procurement representatives so that we can help guide Waiward to provide a steel solution that is safe, cost effective, and meets the project owner's needs
  • Quality - what we should strive to provide in all of our daily work;
    • Provide timely engineering solutions that will help the Waiward fabrication, field, detailing, and purchasing departments save time and/or money in their work to execute projects
  • Communication/Relationships - what enables us to provide our quality service:
    • Continue to grow in our ability to work as a team within our engineering department and with other departments within Waiward
  • Safe, Effective, and Efficient Design Work - what enables us to improve our daily work:
    • Be vigilant and evaluate the operations that we observe, participate in the IMS system and work to tailor our designs so to minimize safety stressors in any given department
    • Continue to improve our technical knowledge and design aids to give more cost effective design while making the most efficient use of our engineering design time


  • B. Sc. in Civil Engineering;
  • Professional Engineer registered with APEGA considered an asset;
  • Drive to learn fast and work independently;
  • Mindset that is customer service balanced with practical and financial realities;
  • Curiosity that drives seeing the big picture;
  • Openness to feedback;
  • Self assessment and self improvement – AWARENESS;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Effective listening skills;
  • Execution mindset – take pride in getting things done;
  • Willingness to experiment and try new things;
  • Openness to others trying new things and then guiding their correction if failure occurs;
  • Ability to learn from your own mistakes.

Ivey School of business defines the prerequisites of success as the combination of the following “3 C’s”:

  • Character - the most important - described below
  • Competencies - a major focus for Waiward - several key competencies have already been described in this document
  • Commitment - what is asked of all of us each day - active engagement in the process

Key Character Traits – ref: Character Matters: Character dimensions’ impact on leader performance and outcomes – G. Seijts, J. Gandz, M. Crossan, and M. Reno – Organizational Dynamics – 2015 44 – 65-74 

  • Accountability – ownership of your time and productivity – but must be balanced
  • Fairness – treating each other with a sense of fairness enables consistency
  • Temperance – be calm, don’t panic – enables open mindedness
  • Integrity – be honest and true to yourself
  • Humility – learn from your own mistakes without failing to recognize your own strengths
  • Humanity – empathy and compassion – we are not just workers, we are people
  • Collaboration – flexibility and open mindedness but a decision must be made
  • Drive – intrinsic motivation for work – continual improvement, leaving things better
  • Transcendence – think big picture, both for yourself, your colleagues and the company
  • Courage – be able to say no when it’s not popular – this is the follow through of integrity

By adding all of the above together we will all continue to improve our “judgment” – both technical, social, business, practical – that enables the kind of decisiveness that we need to understand our clients goals, our company’s plan, and then certify that the plan is technically sound.


Working Conditions

The incumbent is required to work in an office environment with moderate noise. The job may require the incumbent to walk stairs; be outside in inclement weather (slippery surfaces and cold); carrying objects, driving and being expored to normal office routines. Some positions may require standing for intermediate periods of time while completing tasks.


Physical Requirements

The incumbent is required to have close visual acuity to perform an activity such as: viewing a computer terminal for extended periods of time; and extensive reading. The incumbent is also required to sit for extended periods of time.


We would like to thank all applicants for their interest. Please note due to high volumes of resumes received; only successful candidates will be contacted. Waiward is an equal opportunity employer.